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Are you looking forward to getting a Nigeria visa application form? If yes, then you need to read this article to the end. With this article, I’ll be revealing everything you need to know about Nigeria visa application and how to go about it.


Without wasting much time, let us dive into the process of applying for a Nigeria visa Application. But before I release all this information, let us look at some important things about Nigeria Visas.

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Nigeria Visa Application (How to go about it)

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What Is a Nigeria Visa Application?

A Nigeria Visa is an endorsement being placed within the passport of anyone traveling to Nigeria. This grants the traveler official permission to travel or enter Nigeria without any restriction. This visa officially allows any traveler to enter, and stay in Nigeria for a specific period.


Who Needs A Nigeria Visa Application Form?

The Nigeria Visa helps in identifying travelers from all over the world who are permitted to step into Nigeria. This is a major determinant when it comes to entering Nigeria.

In some cases, Africans traveling from Ecowas country will not need a Visa to enter Nigeria, unless otherwise base on any restriction placed by Nigeria.

Even though some individuals come from other countries where a visa is not required, as a traveler, you’ll need to have a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months to gain entry.


Do US Residents Need a Visa For Nigeria?

Visas are required for US citizens to travel to Nigeria, including those with US Green Cards. Nigerians will be required to obtain visas in the same way as other nationals unless the government decides to alter them.


How To Apply For Nigeria Visa Online

The Online Application For a Nigeria Visa is the recommended way by Nigeria Immigration when it comes to applying for a Visa. For any reason, if anyone is asking you to pay cash, try to avoid such an individual.

To start your application, you’ll need to follow the steps below. The process is easy and fast.

Step #1

Visit Nigeria Immigration at

Step #2

Fill out the online form with your details.

Step #3

Make sure you submit your application

Step #4

Make sure you proceed to the payment section; choose the payment with money order option and make sure you have the actual fees in the money order, as you will be required to input details of the money order in the system.

Step #5

You’ll be asked to pay $160 if you’re an American passport holder. For other countries, you can confirm the price from here:

Step #6

Click on support and select your country to get more information based on your country.

PS: once applications are submitted, fees paid are not refundable. 


How To Fill Out Nigeria Visa Online Application Form

If you’re finding it difficult to fill out the online form or you’re not sure of how to go about it then follow this step to the end.
Step #1
Visit the Nigeria Immigration Website at:
Step #2
Select your type of entry (Visa/Visa Free Zone)
Step #3
 Click on Processing Country.
Click on the Start Application button
The application is on the Inovate1 Services website. Please log in with your existing Google email or Yahoo email account, otherwise select the open ID option and create an account for the application process.
Step #6
After logging in, start the application process and register your account with Innovate 1 Services.
Step #7
choose your processing office.
Step #8
Complete the form and click
Step #9
Once the application has been successfully submitted you will be provided with an application ID and reference number
Step #10
Using the Application ID and Reference number, please proceed and make the VISA FEE PAYMENT with your debit or credit card.
Step #11
 If you do not have either a debit or credit card, please purchase a money order of $160 or above depending on your country (the visa fee) and associate the money order to the Application ID and Reference number.
Step #12
Go ahead and print out your Visa Payment Slip and Visa Acknowledgment form.
Step #13
 Print and schedule an appointment for a Biometric/Interview with the Nigerian embassy in your country of residence.


The Cost Of Processing a Nigeria Visa Application

The cost for a Nigeria visa starts from $3-$160 depending on your country of residence or the passport you’re holding. You can verify that from

How Long Does It Take For a Nigeria Visa To Be Processed

The procedure of sending the visa approval letter to you and the person or contact who submitted the application on your behalf in Nigeria typically takes two working days (48- hours).
However, make sure you meet the standards and have all the necessary documents and information that are required, though, to prevent delays in processing your visa.

Nigeria Embassy Visa Fees

Below is the list of how much is being charged by the Nigerian embassy across the world for a Nigeria Visa.

Embassy VISA Fees

Afghanistan Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Albania US$60 US$200 US$100 US$100
Algeria US$50 US$50 US$50 US$50
Andorra US$68 US$68* No US$68 US$68
Angola US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Antigua and Barbuda US$148 US$148* No US$148 US$148
Argentina US$60 US$100 US$125 US$150
Armenia US$60 US$200 US$100 US$100
Australia US$141 US$176 US$176 US$176
Austria US$88 US$110 US$110 US$110
Azerbaijan US$78 US$78 US$78 US$78
Bahamas US$19 US$19 US$19 US$19
Bahrain US$45 US$45 US$45 US$45
Bangladesh US$253 US$253 US$253 US$253
Barbados Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Belarus US$68 US$68 US$68 US$68
Belgium US$88 US$110 US$110 US$110
Belize US$200 US$200 US$200 US$200
Benin Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Bhutan US$68 US$68* No US$68 US$68
Bolivia US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Bosnia and Herzegovina US$50 US$100 US$100 US$100
Botswana US$114 US$114 US$114 US$114
Brazil US$20 US$20* No US$20 US$20
Brunei US$45 US$45* No US$45 US$45
Bulgaria US$50 US$50* No US$50 US$50
Burkina Faso Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Burundi US$100 US$200 US$250 US$250
Cambodia US$68 US$68* No US$68 US$68
Cameroon US$3 US$3* No US$111 US$111
Canada US$75 US$150 US$150 US$150
Cape Verde Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Central African Republic US$67 US$335 US$335 US$335
Chad US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Chile US$200 US$200* No US$200 US$200
China US$64 US$64 US$64 US$64
Colombia US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Comoros US$20 US$20* No US$20 US$20
Congo US$111 US$224 US$224 US$224
Costa Rica US$20 US$20* No US$20 US$20
Côte d’Ivoire Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Croatia US$50 US$100 US$100 US$100
Cuba US$54 US$54 US$54 US$54
Cyprus US$30 US$30* No US$30 US$30
Czech Republic US$88 US$110 US$110 US$110
Democratic Republic of the Congo US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Denmark US$88 US$110 US$110 US$110
Djibouti US$3 US$3 US$3 US$3
Dominica US$20 US$20 US$20 US$20
Dominican Republic US$20 US$20 US$20 US$20
Ecuador US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Egypt US$45 US$45* No US$45 US$45
El Salvador US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Equatorial Guinea US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Eritrea US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Estonia US$60 US$200 US$100 US$100
Ethiopia US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Fiji US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Finland US$88 US$110 US$110 US$110
France US$88 US$110 US$110 US$110
Gabon US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Gambia Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Georgia Gratis US$200 US$200 US$200
Germany US$88 US$110 US$110 US$110
Ghana Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Greece US$88 US$110 US$110 US$110
Grenada US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Guatemala US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Guinea Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Guinea-Bissau Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Guyana US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Haiti US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Honduras US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Hong Kong S.A.R., China US$64 US$64 US$64 US$64
Hungary US$50 US$100 US$100 US$100
Iceland US$68 US$68 US$68 US$68
India US$253 US$253 US$253 US$253
Indonesia US$245 US$245 US$245 US$245
Iran US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Iraq US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Ireland US$170 US$235 US$170 US$170
Israel US$169 US$169 US$169 US$397
Italy US$88 US$110 US$110 US$110
Jamaica US$20 US$20* No US$20 US$20
Japan US$36 US$36 US$36 US$36
Jordan US$50 US$100 US$100 US$100
Kazakhstan US$60 US$200 US$200 US$200
Kiribati US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Kosovo US$50 US$100 US$100 US$100
Kuwait US$3 US$3 US$3 US$3
Kyrgyzstan US$60 US$200 US$100 US$100
Laos US$4 US$4 US$4 US$4
Latvia US$60 US$200 US$100 US$100
Lebanon US$100 US$200 US$250 US$250
Lesotho US$64 US$64 US$64 US$64
Liberia Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Libya US$26 US$40 US$100 US$100
Liechtenstein US$68 US$68 US$68 US$68
Lithuania US$60 US$200 US$100 US$100
Luxembourg US$88 US$110 US$110 US$110
Macedonia Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Madagascar US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Malawi US$39 US$39* No US$39 US$39
Malaysia US$6 US$6 US$6 US$6
Maldives US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Mali Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Malta US$26 US$40 US$100 US$100
Marshall Islands US$65 US$65* No US$65 US$65
Mauritania US$58 US$58* No US$58 US$58
Mauritius US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Mexico US$32 US$32 US$32 US$32
Moldova US$60 US$200 US$100 US$100
Monaco US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Mongolia US$26 US$72 US$26 US$26
Morocco US$89 US$266 US$266 US$266
Mozambique US$50 US$50 US$50 US$50
Myanmar US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Namibia US$66 US$66 US$66 US$66
Nauru US$4 US$4 US$4 US$4
Nepal US$39 US$39 US$39 US$39
Netherlands US$88 US$352 US$139 US$168
New Zealand US$2 US$2 US$2 US$2
Nicaragua US$2 US$2 US$2 US$2
Niger Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Nigeria US$0 US$0 US$0 US$0
North Korea US$46 US$46* No US$46 US$46
Norway US$4 US$62 US$4 US$4
Oman US$46 US$46 US$46 US$46
Pakistan US$68 US$68* No US$68 US$68
Palau US$3 US$3 US$3 US$3
Palestine US$100 US$200 US$250 US$250
Panama US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Papua New Guinea US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Paraguay US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Peru US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Philippines US$39 US$78 US$39 US$39
Poland US$51 US$102 US$120 US$120
Portugal US$73 US$146 US$146 US$293
Qatar US$4 US$4* No US$4 US$4
Romania US$100 US$100* No US$250 US$250
Russia US$84 US$200 US$100 US$100
Rwanda US$4 US$4 US$4 US$4
Saint Kitts and Nevis US$19 US$19* No US$19 US$19
Saint Lucia US$19 US$19* No US$19 US$19
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines US$19 US$19* No US$19 US$19
Samoa US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
San Marino US$3 US$3 US$3 US$3
Sao Tome and Principe US$50 US$100 US$50 US$50
Saudi Arabia US$46 US$46* No US$46 US$46
Senegal Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Serbia US$50 US$100 US$100 US$100
Seychelles US$4 US$4 US$4 US$4
Sierra Leone Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Singapore Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Slovakia US$50 US$100 US$100 US$100
Slovenia US$50 US$100 US$100 US$100
Solomon Islands US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Somalia US$3 US$3 US$3 US$3
South Africa US$58 US$103 US$205 US$205
South Korea US$30 US$30* No US$30 US$30
Spain US$88 US$110 US$110 US$110
Sri Lanka US$40 US$40 US$40 US$40
Sudan US$2 US$2 US$2 US$2
Suriname US$40 US$40 US$40 US$40
Swaziland US$58 US$58* No US$58 US$58
Sweden US$78 US$78 US$78 US$78
Switzerland US$68 US$203 US$76 US$135
Syria US$46 US$46 US$46 US$46
Taiwan US$50 US$100 US$150 US$150
Tajikistan US$68 US$68 US$68 US$68
Tanzania US$29 US$29 US$29 US$29
Thailand US$14 US$39 US$14 US$14
Timor-Leste US$68 US$68* No US$68 US$68
Togo Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Tonga US$64 US$64 US$64 US$64
Trinidad and Tobago Gratis Gratis Gratis Gratis
Tunisia US$32 US$32* No US$32 US$32
Turkey US$32 US$32* No US$32 US$32
Turkmenistan US$60 US$200 US$100 US$100
Tuvalu US$3 US$3* No US$3 US$3
Uganda US$2 US$2* No US$2 US$2
Ukraine US$52 US$52* No US$52 US$52
United Arab Emirates US$150 US$300 US$150 US$150
Uruguay US$60 US$100 US$60 US$60
Uzbekistan US$60 US$200 US$100 US$100
Vanuatu US$3 US$3 US$3 US$3
Vatican US$88 US$110 US$110 US$110
Venezuela US$50 US$50 US$50 US$50
Vietnam US$68 US$68 US$68 US$68
Western Sahara US$2 US$2 US$2 US$2
Yemen US$46 US$46 US$46 US$46
Zambia US$6 US$6 US$6 US$6
Zimbabwe US$50 US$140 US$140 US$140




Embassy Multiple Visa Fee

  Single Entry (within 6 months) Multiple Entry 1 Year Multiple Entry 2 Years Multiple Entry 5 Years TWP FEES STR VISA FEES
United Kingdom US$144 US$472 US$944 US$2360 US$472 US$472
United States US$160 US$160 US$160 N/A US$160 US$160
Kenya US$25 N/A N/A US$100 US$25 US$25



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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I Need To Be Vaccinated When Traveling To Nigeria?

Indeed, you could be inoculated for yellow fever and polio if vital, when traveling to Nigeria. But in several cases, this will in all probability rely upon whether you have recently traveled out to a country where that has these illnesses.

Is Visa on Arrival Available in Nigeria For Foreigners?

Yes, Visa On Arrival is accessible in Nigeria. Despite the fact that it is suggested and advised that you apply for the visa before your movements because it can require some time-consuming.

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