Why You Need To Get Travel Itinerary For Visa

Why You Need To Get Travel Itinerary For Visa

Here is another excellent guide on the travel itinerary. This article will cover what you need to know about Why You Need to Get Travel Itinerary For Visa and How to Book a Flight Itinerary for Visa Application.

Without wasting much time, let us dive into today’s topic of discussion.

Whenever you visit an embassy, you’ll be required to submit some important documents at the embassy or consulate to receive a visa. This process can be confusing to so many who are inexperienced with visa applications. An applicant can find it confusing when he or she does not understand the kind of document to submit or where to obtain those documents. In another sense, what to do to receive those documents.

Among all the various documents an embassy or consulate of an individual’s travel destination country may ask a traveler is a flight itinerary or a round trip flight reservation.

In many cases, the names of these documents are different depending on the country’s embassy or consulate.

Don’t be surprised when you hear a document is called a different name other than what you know it as.

These documents might be referred to by different names such as

  • Booked / Confirmed Flight Itinerary
  • Round Trip Reservation
  • Flight Reservation / Confirmation
  • Confirmed / Round trip Flight tickets
  • Proof of Onward Travel, etc.

Other different names you might hear people calling these documents on places like social media are

  • Dummy Air Ticket
  • Dummy Ticket for Visa Application
  • Air Ticket Booking, etc.

With all of this, the question still remains “What is a Flight Itinerary for Visa?”

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Why You Need To Get Travel Itinerary For Visa

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What is a Flight Itinerary for Visa?

According to Wikipedia. A travel itinerary can be considered as the schedule of different events relating to travel. This event makes up of things like the destination one has visited at a specific time, and means of transportation to move between different destinations.
This itinerary makes up of other important things like flight name, departure/arrival timings along with dates, flight code, departure/arrival airport IATA codes, and flight reservation/booking numbers.
A great example of this is a plan for a business trip and the route of a road trip, or the proposed outline of one, are travel itineraries.
A travel itinerary in many cases may be assisted by the use of travel literature, including travel journals and diaries, a guidebook containing information for visitors or tourists about the destination, or a trip planner website dedicated to helping the users plan their trips.
This travel itinerary is usually prepared by a travel agent who assists an individual with his or her travel plans either for business or leisure. In most cases, the travel agent will ensure that he provides a list of pre-planned travel itineraries to a traveler. This traveler can then go ahead and pick one that most satisfied them. This was one of the ways it was done some decades ago before the advent and use of the internet across the world.
But today, with the advent of internet online maps, navigation, online trip planners, and easier access to travel information in general, travelers, especially the younger ones prefer a more do-it-yourself approach to travel planning.
Since a travel itinerary might serve different purposes for different kinds of travelers, a travel agent must know all the characteristics of her/his target customers.
A typical business traveler’s itinerary might include information about meetings, events, and contacts with some time for leisure travel, efficiently.
Now that I have explained everything you need to know about the travel itinerary, let us look at other important things regarding travel and visa that make up everything about the travel itinerary.

What Is a Flight Ticket?

The flight ticket is a very popular document used in the airport. This document is issued by an airline or travel agency that confirms that an individual has booked/ paid for a flight seat on an aircraft.
This document is also served as an electronic record to confirm and authenticate that an individual is entitled to a seat on a flight on an aircraft. The airline ticket usually comes in two different forms; a paper ticket, which comprises coupons or vouchers; and an electronic ticket (commonly referred to as an e-ticket).
The ticket, in either form, is required to obtain a boarding pass during check-in at the airport. Then with the boarding pass and the attached ticket, the passenger is allowed to board the aircraft.
The flight ticket usually contains:
  • Traveler’s name.
  • A flight name.
  • Flight reservation number or Booking ID.
  • Arrival and Departure date.
  • Airport IATA codes.
  • The price of a real Flight Ticket and
  • Details of any connecting flights (if there are any).

How to Get a Flight Itinerary for any Visa Application?

Getting a confirmed flight reservation for any visa application is very easy. To do this, you can purchase a refundable flight ticket or reserve a flight ticket which is way cheaper.
When you try to reserve a flight, it usually takes up to 72 hours whereas a confirmation of your visa application takes up to 15 days. This is why it is very important to always try to find a way to hold the booked flight reservation longer. You can do it in different ways depending on your choice. Keep in mind that you should always book a round-trip flight reservation.

How To Get a Confirmed Flight Itinerary by Purchasing a Refundable Flight Ticket

For any reason, if you decide to get an airline ticket, or a consulate obliged you to get one, then this is the best way to actually get your money back just in case you get your visa application rejected.
Today, there are a lot of airline companies out there that offer valid air tickets that are fully refundable, just that they are way more expensive than the regular ones.
In some cases, they might charge you a fee if you decide to cancel the flight and get your money back. This is not always like that because it all depends on the airline company. The refunding process usually takes a few days or weeks.
 However, if you wish to book a ticket of this type, then you should do it directly from the airline’s website.


I hope this article covers everything you need to know about travel itineraries and visa applications. We’ve written other articles on green card renewal and things you need to know before traveling to the UK.
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