5 Reasons Why Travelling Abroad Is A Great Way To Getting Exposure

why travelling abroad

When we were kids and growing up, we read a lot about the world. This alone has imprinted so many imaginative thoughts and pictures in our minds. As a person, I’m a lover of adventure, and most of the time, I get to experience this by reading books. But with time, I get to realize that it wasn’t enough to read things in the book compare to seeing them in reality. If you are willing to travel abroad? consider these 5 reasons and opportunities why travelling abroad is important


Getting to experience what you’ve read about people, culture, and places is never enough, but seeing them in the real world is one of the most pleasing satisfaction one can ever wish for.

In this article, I will reveal why it is imperative to travel and gain more exposure or experience about things happening around the world.


Without wasting too much time, let us dive into “Why Travelling Abroad Is A Great Way To Getting More Exposure”


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Why Travelling Abroad Is A Great Way For Getting More Exposure


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Why You Need To Travel (Benefit Of Travelling Abroad)

  • You Get To Have A Better Understanding Of The World
  • It Changes Your Perspective, Belief, And Values
  • You Get To Build Quality Relationships Around The World
  • Enhance Your Personal Growth
  • Improve Your Health

You Get To Have A Better Understanding Of The World

Whenever we remain in one place, we get to assume life is the same everywhere. This makes it difficult to comprehend the world which makes it impossible to get the right experience you need about other places and countries.
A lot of people around the world are struggling every day. Some even struggle to get a 3-square meal but you’ll never understand their struggles if you never get to see them for yourself.
However, the media has been playing a role when it comes to covering things happening around the world. Some of them use propaganda when it comes to reporting things happening around the world. In another sense, they use it for their selfish interest.
I have seen cases where some journalists go to Africa and get some clips of starving kids in the most remote area in Africa. They use those images to get foundings in the name of setting up foundations that will help in eradicating poverty in Africa. When those funds are released, they end up using them for their selfish interest.
Another great example is the war that has been going on for over a decade in Syria, this alone has created different perceptions about the country.
The truth is the fact that the media can always be a barrier to getting facts and information as they are. The best way to explore and see things for yourself in the real world.
When you get travel around the world, you’ll get to realize that the dialects, food, music, religion, and traditions differ. Being exposed to these unique cultures will allow you to better see things from another perspective.
You’ll get to understand that the world is different but we’re all humans who feel pain, we all have our hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

It Changes Your Perspective, Belief, And Values

When you dedicate your life to one place or just your home country, your perspective on life will never be challenged.
Your circle of friends, and your surroundings, can sometimes limit you from getting experiences outside of your comfort zone.
By the time you start traveling around the world and visiting different places, you’ll get to experience how people around the world behave and live their lives. You’ll get to learn where their priorities lie and how they view family, work, education, the environment, etc. This may question and influence our own ideas and beliefs on how to live life. Traveling will open our minds to a host of new possibilities.
Always try to visit a new country in other to broaden your perspective and increase your learning experience. This experience alone will help you apply that in different areas of your life e.g learning a new language, trying out new things, developing new passions, or simply becoming more confident as a person, the skills you gain while traveling will help you the rest of your life.

You Get To Build Quality Relationships Around The World

When we travel, we get to meet different people. These people in many cases end up becoming friends. Some of these quality relationships sometimes last for a lifetime.
This is a lifetime experience that I’ll advise anyone to take seriously. If you’re someone who wants to start a business in another country, you can try to build some quality relationships in those countries by visiting. Among these people you might meet there, some of them can become business associates.
When you travel to those places, besides the connection you can build, there are other experiences you can gather. This is one of the reasons why traveling can be a lot more fun.

Enhance Your Personal Growth

We usually have to venture outside of our comfort zones when we travel. These new experiences, which differ from what we do every day, aid in our personal growth.
Every journey has a unique set of challenges to overcome. For instance, traveling alone may force you to develop your independence and maturity. Through addressing different events, you will get knowledge about your own abilities, restrictions, preferences, etc. This self-awareness is essential for your personal growth and for accepting who you really are.

Improve Your Health

Traveling is good for your health. Mentally and physically, it is good for you. When we travel, we are exposed to new locations, to unknown feelings, to new scents, to new people, all of which are good for our souls and minds.
Travel can also help you adopt healthier habits! Rather than jumping out of bed and working right when the alarm clock goes off, go to sleep and wake up to the sounds of nature after you have rested.
The best way to do this is to enjoy a leisurely breakfast without rushing out. While traveling, you can walk long distances to discover new destinations and cities. This is great for your body. Adventure sports such as hiking, trekking, and skiing may also be part of your interests as well when traveling.
To achieve some peace of mind and slow down again, you may find yourself relaxing by a pool or the ocean on a beautiful beach. Travel is your peace of mind.

Challenges Of Travelling Abroad

  • Navigating Your Way Around
  • Cultural Difference and Language background
  • Security


Navigating Your Way Around

Most foreigners visiting other countries as tourists usually face this problem a lot. Even with the help of local guides and advanced satellite technologies such as Google Maps, people still face the problem of navigating their way around.
This is why it is very important to be prepared when you visit any country as a tourist to acquire more knowledge and experience about the people, food, and culture.

Cultural Difference And Language Background

There are over 2 billion people in the world, and over 7,000 languages are spoken worldwide. These statistics show that there is every reason to get confused when you visit any new country. Your culture and language can be entirely different from that of the locals living in that location and this alone can be challenging when it comes to interacting with people.
You can get yourself a language translator device or you can get a local guide that will help you when it comes to interacting with the locals.


The world is not always the same everywhere. You might be from a country where the security is tight and okay. But traveling to other regions might be a major challenge. This is why it is very important to hire local security guards to accompany you wherever you go to avoid being kidnapped, robbed, or even attacked by mobs.

Conclusion/Final Verdict

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