What Are The VISA-FREE Countries For USA Green Card Holders?

VISA-FREE Countries For USA Green Card Holders

Are you a green card holder? Have you been wondering how many countries you can enter with your green card? If yes then make sure you read this article VISA-FREE Countries For USA Green Card Holders to the end as I’ll be revealing 36 visa-free countries you can enter as a USA Green card holder.

The US green is a document that allows you to reside and work in the united states. We’ve written a detailed article about the US green card and how long it takes to get a green card. You can take your time to read through it.

Even though the USA green card allows you to work and stay in the united state, it also enables you to access some countries that allow VISA-FREE entries for those having a USA green card. Currently, at the time of writing this article, there are 36 VISA-FREE countries you can travel to as a US green card holder.

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VISA-FREE Countries For US Green Card Holders- Here Are 36 Of Them (Read More)

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If you’re still waiting for your US passport to be ready, you can use your green card as an alternative or a means of identification to travel to some countries. Even though the green card is not as strong or valid as the passport, it can still give you access to some countries that support VISA-FREE entry.

Why Are Some Countries VISA-FREE to US green card holders?

As we all know, the United state passport is meant for United State citizens, and it is regarded as one of the strongest passports in the world. But the US green card stands as a pathway to getting citizenship in the United State.

A lot of countries out there believe that any individual in possession of a United State green card is looking forward to earning citizenship. With that being said, these countries believe that such an individual will not in any way try to jeopardize such chances by staying illegally in any country.

The green card takes several years for one to get depending on the country. You’ll have to invest an enormous amount of money and time in that. With the card, you are already building a solid tie with the US government by ensuring that you remain a law-abiding immigrant.

As I have said before, most of the countries that support VISA-FREE entries into their countries believe that you have spent millions of dollars and time to get your card, which means that you’ll likely want to still have it. These countries have a strong trust in green card holders and believe these travelers are genuine.

When you’re in possession of a green card, you’ll be treated with respect and equality with someone traveling with a US passport. So with that, these countries allow you to travel in without having a visa.

How Many Countries Can I Visit Using a US Green Card?

At the time of writing this article, there are 36 countries and territories that allow individuals to travel without having a visa so long as they have a US green card.

As time passes by, the numbers of these countries will keep increasing as the US government is building a relationship with countries out there. This means that you should expect to see more countries out there allowing VISA-FREE entries into their countries.

What Are The Countries That Allow VISA-FREE Entry For US Green Card Holders?

North America

01. Canada

02. Mexico

03. US territories

Central America

04. Belize

05. Costa Rica

06. Panama


07. Anguilla (British Territory)

08. Antigua and Barbuda

09. Aruba

10. Bahamas

11. Bermuda (British Territory)

12. Bonaire (Dutch Territory)

13. Cayman Islands (British Territory)

14. Curaçao

15. Dominican Republic

16. Sint Maarten

17. Turks and Caicos (British Territory)

South America

18. Chile

19. Peru


20. Albania

21. Armenia

22. Bosnia and Herzegovina

23. Georgia

24. Montenegro

25. Serbia

26. Turkey

Middle East

27. Jordan

28. Oman

29. Qatar

30. United Arab Emirates


31. Morocco


32. Malaysia

33. Philippines

34. Singapore

35. South Korea

36. Taiwan


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