How To Get Dubai Visa on Arrival Using an Indian and USA Passport

Dubai Visa on Arrival Using an Indian and USA Passport

The Indian passport is among the weakest passport in the world, but having one comes with some amazing benefits and advantages. In this article, I’m going to discuss How To Get Dubai Visa on Arrival Using an Indian and USA Passport. This article is going to be lengthy as I’ll be covering everything you need to know. I’ll advise you to bookmark it.


As an Indian or a holder of an Indian passport, you can get a UAE or Dubai visa on arrival with a valid US visa, Us Green card, or a resident permit from the UK and any EU country.

The government of the UAE has come up with a 14-day Dubai or UAE Visa on arrival for Indian nationals who have a valid US visa that can be used by Indian nationals.


If for any reason you have plans of spending less than 14 days in Dubai or UAE and you have no plans of getting a tourist visa, then this option will be great for you. In 2017, the government of UAE introduced the option that allows the use of the US green card and residence permit from the UK or other EU countries to be used by Indian nationals to get visas on arrival.


Why a lot of people are going for this option because the UAE visa on arrival is 1/3rd of the fee for a 30-days single-entry tourist visa.

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Get UAE or Dubai Visa on Arrival Using an India Passport and United State Visa (Find Out)

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Who Can Be Considered Eligible For a 14-Days UAE Visa?

As of the time of writing this article, only Indian nationals are eligible to obtain a 14-day UAE Visa on arrival using a valid US visa, Us Green card, or a residence permit from the united kingdom or any EU country. For you to get the UAE visa on arrival as an Indian national having a US visa, you’ll need to pay a fee of 100AED. When you feel like extending your stay for another 14 days, you’ll need to pay another fee of 250 AED.


What Are The Visas That Can Be Used For Getting UAE Visa on Arrival As An Indian National With US Visa?

As an Indian national, you can make use of the following Visas to obtain UAE or Dubai Visa on Arrival at the international airport or seaport of UAE.

These visas must be valid for at least 6 months from your date of arrival in UAE. Below are visas you can use as an Indian national to get your UAE visa on arrival.

  • US multiple-entry visa (any multiple-entry US visa such as B1, B2, B1/B2, L1, H1, F1, J1, etc. except transit visas such as C1)
  • US green card
  • UK residence permit (ILR, BRP, or spouse visas)
  • EU residence permit (any type of residence permit from any EU country)

What Are The Fees For Visa On Arrival For Indian Nationals Traveling To UAE Using US Visa?

The Visa on arrival fee is 100 AED. This fee varies depending on the international airport you used. Sometimes you’ll be charged 105 AED to 140 AED.
This Visa fee can be paid to a third-party agency before going to the immigration office of the country. The reason why these fees are not constant is that all of these agencies charge their own fees. some of them can be high while others can be lower. But the official fee is 100AED.

What Is The Processing Time For Visa On Arrival For Indian Nationals Traveling To UAE Using US Visa?

The processing time for visa on arrival for Indian nationals holding a US visa is 5-15 minutes.
This time can go beyond that because third parties are usually assigned with the task of verifying your documents, accepting your visa on arrival fee, and filling out forms. So with all this process, you can be delayed.

What Is The Validity Period For Visa On Arrival For Indian Nationals Traveling To UAE Using US Visa?

The validity period for UAE or Dubai Visa on Arrival is 14 days but it can still be extended for another period of 14 days for a fee.
Procedure On How To Get a UAE or Dubai Visa on Arrival (Abu Dhabi Airport)
Below are the steps and procedures you can follow to get your visa on arrival when you land at the Abu Dhabi Airport.
Step: #1 (Approval before Departure Stage)
At the Abu Dhabi Airport, your documents will be taken by immigration for verification. At this stage, they can also handle the payment for you.
Step: #2 (Visa and Document Verification)
All you need to do is to head to immigration to handle the document verification and your payment. At this point, much is not expected of you. Just ensure your documents are valid.
Step: #3 ( Immigration Check)
On arriving at the immigration counter, you’ll need to present your passport and boarding pass. If you’re having a residence permit, you can hand over your card to them.
After every check, you’ll need to pay your visa-on-arrival fee of 105 AED instead of the 100 AED government-approved fee. The extra 5 AED on the money is a fee being charged for Vat and e-commerce. This payment can be initiated using your card ( Debit or credit card).
While you’re still there the immigration authority will ask you a few questions such as “how long do you intend to stay?”, “Is it your first time visiting?”, “What do you plan to do in UAE?” and many more.
Make sure you answer those questions with sincerity. You can then move close to the camera to take a passport photo and then exit the immigration area.
One last piece of advice, before leaving immigration, make sure your entry stamp is looking good.


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